If you want to eat tofu brain, you don't have to go out to buy, it's very convenient to make it at home, and it's served in 10 minutes!

  Breakfast may be the most important meal of the three meals a day, but it is different from the other two meals, usually tight time before going to school and work, so it is necessary to ensure that it is both simple and nutritious and delicious. Tofu brain is a classic in breakfast, which is a memory for many people from childhood to adulthood, simple and evocative for a long time. Tofu brain, also known as bean flower, is made by soaking soybeans for several hours to grind into a pulp, and then adding coagulant to the filter residue, which is extremely tender and melts in the mouth. Marinade is also the essence of tofu brain, adding coriander fungus chili is a bowl of mature tofu brain, the difference between the north and the south also makes it into sweet and salty two flavors, but no matter which one, it brings people simple warmth, enough to meet every busy diner's morning. The editor shares the methods and recipes of tofu brain that can be made at home with you, simple and delicious, and I have learned to eat when I want, which is worth learning.
  Glucose-intrinsic soybeans
  Soak the soybeans in advance, soak overnight, start beating soy milk the next day, after the raw soy milk is beaten, filter it, start to cook on the pot, at this time you need to adjust the internal fat, the ratio of dried soybeans and internal fat is 100:2, then add some water, stir well, and put it aside for backup.



  After the soy milk is boiled, you can add the internal fat, stir little by little, then cover and let stand for half an hour, and the tofu brain will be formed. When eating, according to personal taste, put some green onion, coriander, chili pepper and soy sauce.



  Cooking Tips:
  1. Beat soy milk several times, and the pulp yield is high.
  2. The filter should be coarse first and then fine, the more meticulous the filtration, the more delicate the finished tofu brain.
  3, lactone soy milk temperature is very critical, 85 degrees, if there is no thermometer, pay attention to observation when cooking, when there are faint small bubbles on the side of the pot.
  4. The container containing tofu brain should pay attention to heat preservation, I put in lactone and slightly warmed it, and immediately covered the pot after pouring soy milk.

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