Lactone tofu processing technology

  Gluconic acid-lactone white crystalline powder, soluble in water. It has a sweet taste and is acidic after dissolving water. For a new type of non-toxic food additive at home and abroad, mainly as a protein coagulant, etc., the effect of producing tofu with this product is more obvious, because of its good water retention, less protein loss, so the yield of tofu is high, a pound of soybeans can produce 4 to 6 pounds of tofu. Compared with traditional tofu, it has the characteristics of tender texture, delicious taste, rich nutrition, smooth and delicious when eaten, and long storage time. Use this product to make tofu, easy to operate, the success rate is 100%, and there is no "point brain", "press bag" and other orders in summer production. It can also realize the continuous and automated production of tofu, greatly improving production efficiency. At the same time, no waste water is generated in the production process, which is conducive to protecting the environment.
  1. Handmade traditional production tools:
  1. Use stone grinding or machine grinding for refining. Those who have the conditions can purchase a soy milk separator, eliminating the filter pulp process and greatly reducing labor.
  2, 16 printing a large pot, a spare pot, tofu that can produce 20 pounds of soybeans at a time, a 65-watt blower, build a stove, and use it to cook pulp.
  3. Two frame molds, each made of 2 cm thick wooden planks, with an outer diameter of 75 cm, a width of 55 cm and a height of 13 cm, which can be used for 20 kg of soybeans. There is a gland on the top and a bottom plate under it to press the tofu into shape.
  4, 2 cylinders, used for smouldering or brine. One cylinder No. 2, used to soak beans and hold pulp.
  5. A 125 cm square hanging bag, made of thin white cloth or nylon cloth, for filter slurry. Two 125 cm square bean buns are used to press tofu.
  6. One lead screw (screw bale machine) is pressed strongly, which is conducive to tofu forming.
  7. Scoop, spoon and shovel. Beginners should have thermometers, fine weighing cups, etc. to be better used for accurate additives, and grasp the number.
  8. All tofu production tools should be stainless equipment to avoid oxidation affecting quality.
  Get hygienic:
  Tofu is a direct intake of food in its production process is especially afraid of acid, afraid of rot, must be required to be thoroughly washed before and after the use of tools, soy milk to boil, the operator to be healthy.
  Selection of soaked beans:
  1. Selection: soybean particles are full, the variety is consistent, impurities are removed, new soybeans are not aged soybeans are good, spring soybeans are better than summer soybeans, acidic water or heavy alkaline water is not suitable for tofu.
  2. Soaking beans: The soaking time should be appropriate, generally 3 to 5 hours in summer and 8 to 11 hours in winter. Twist the watercress, the inside is parallel, and it is advisable to leave a slightly concave line in the middle. Soak in warm water at 30 degrees below zero and rinse with clean water. Where bubbles appear on the water surface during the soaking process, it is said that it is obviously acidic, and the beans must be washed with clean water to grind the pulp, and the soybeans can be soaked with skin, and when peeling and soaking the beans, the immersion liquid is ground in the pulp.
  Operating Procedure:
  1. Lactone tofu dotting process
  Glucosyl lactone characteristics referred to as lactone: this product is unstable, moist and easy to decompose. The decomposition is accelerated in the dissolution of water above 60 degrees, and the decomposition is complete at 90 degrees. When using: A small amount of 15 to 30 degrees of cool water to dissolve lactone, within 20 minutes must be used as soon as possible.
  Advantages: Lactone tofu has the characteristics of fine texture, strong water retention and shape retention. And the operation is convenient, no need to "point the brain" to mix lactones into hot soy milk and stir well.
  II. Specific Use:
  1. Hard tofu: (pulping method)
  Each kilogram of soybeans must be pulped 6-8 kilograms (after filtration) cooked. Then press 10 pounds of soybeans plus lactone 1.2 taels, gypsum 3 dollars, (if you want to make very hard tofu, you can add calcium oxide about a dollar) according to the above to dissolve. Put in the bottom of the stuffy pulp cylinder prepared in advance, immediately scoop the cooked hot slurry into the entire barrel that can accommodate the hot slurry, or other multi-vessels, the hot slurry in the barrel (must be maintained at 90 degrees -95 degrees) into the bottom of the cylinder in one go, stir slightly, the lid cylinder stands, about 10 minutes of lactone can become a brain to make tofu, the brain should be immediately scooped into a large brain bag after seeing the pulp, must not be stirred, the water retention after stirring can not be fully exerted, let alone park for too long, about 15 minutes from the ingredients to the bag to avoid the pulp aging, less tofu.
  2. Tofu brain: 16-18 pounds per kilogram of soybeans, and 1.8 taels of lactone can be added to every 10 kilograms of soybeans. Each kilogram of soybeans is filtered out of the pulp 16-18 kilograms, after cooking, it is flushed into the tank containing lactone aqueous solution, the method is the same as above, directly to the bottom of the tank, no need to stir, in one go, after ten minutes, the can is tofu brain, delicate and white like egg white, not bitter or astringent, delicious and bright, the operation method is simple and easy to learn.  3. Pattern tofu, raw tofu:
  (1) Raw tofu: (tender tofu filled with tofu)
  A. Cooling: soybeans are soaked, filtered, boiled, and cooled to about 35 degrees, and each kilogram of soybean soybean milk is 5-6 kilograms. According to 5-7 grams of lactone per kilogram of soybeans and 1.5-2.5 grams of gypsum, melt with cold water, mix into soy milk and stir well, put it in a mold (a watertight container) and cook in a pot of boiling water for about 20 minutes to become tofu.
  B. Lactone is stirred in gypsum, quickly transferred to the mold and left for 10 minutes, which can be solidified into tofu.
  (2) Fancy tofu:
  If the seasoning is mixed with tofu, it can make different flavors of tofu, (such as shrimp flavor, fish flavor and other tofu. )
  Bag tofu, cool the hot soy milk to about 30 degrees, mix lactone and gypsum and stir it into a plastic bag, and then put it into a mold, steam for 15-20 minutes to make tofu, or the mixed hot soy milk is sold directly, called liquid soy milk, steamed and formed.
  Sesame tofu: 1 kilogram of soybean pulp 5-6 kilograms, cooked, stewed, mashed black sesame 2 dollars mixed with sesame 2 cents, stirred, and then added (lactone 6 grams plus gypsum 1.5 grams) to solidify. (It can be used by cold and hot methods).

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