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War horse lactone

Glucono-delta-lactone CAS:[90-80-2] Molecular Formula: C6H10O6 Molecular weight: 178.14 Physical properties: white crystalline or crystalline powder, almost odorless, taste first sweet and then acidic, soluble in water, insoluble in ether. Main uses: This product is a multi-functional excellent food additive, mainly used for protein coagulant, acidic agent, leavening agent, fresh-keeping preservative, flavoring agent, binder, color retention agent, etc. Widely used in food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, plastic and resin modification. Electroplated polished, metal

Popular delicacy - tofu flower

Tofu flower production method Gluconic acid-δ-inner fat (tofu king) is a coagulant, its process is simple, the texture is delicate and white, and the shelf life is long.   The production method is introduced as follows: 1 soaked beans (soybean production area) beans, water weight ratio 1:3 is good, water quality is pure water, soft water is better, soaked soybeans are about 2.2 times the weight of raw dry beans. Pay attention to changing the water when soaking, so as not to sour the beans, if the time is too long, it will affect the pulp yield. Pay attention to the time of spring, summer, autumn and winter soaking beans. 2 The refiner generally chooses a refiner that can automatically separate the slurry residue (most families buy it in supermarkets) The amount of water added to the refining is determined



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Jiangxi Xinhuanghai Medicine Food Chemical Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Xinhuanghai Medicine Food Chemical Co., Ltd, formerly known as Shanghai Huanghai Pharmaceutical Factory, was established in Shanghai in the early 1970s. It is a domestic state-owned enterprise specializing in the production of gluconic acid series products such as gluconolactone and calcium gluconate

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