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 I. Introduction
  Tofu brain is a highly nutritious food made from soy protein. Similar to old tofu (old tofu is slightly harder than tofu brain, but the shape is the same.) Tofu brain is like a young girl, and old tofu is like a semi-old beauty. Tofu brains are mostly sold in the morning, while old tofu is sold in the afternoon. Tofu brain marinade, old tofu with soy sauce and other vegetarian dishes. Tofu brain, is a semi-finished product in the process of tofu making. Cooked and hot soy milk through coagulant contact reaction, soy proteosol (ie soy milk) protein sedimentation, if the proportion of reactants is appropriate, reaction conditions (temperature, concentration, stirring degree, etc.) are appropriate, soy protein will completely solidify to form tofu brain. It is one of the four treasures of Qianzhou (present-day Qian County). Tofu brain is a traditional snack in Tianjin for breakfast. At that time, there was a children's song: "If you want to get fat, go to open a tofu room, hot tofu brain all day long to fill the belly" Tofu brain is white and tender, fresh and delicious; It is also the favorite breakfast of Wenzhou people.



  Second, the origin
  Liu An, the king of Nan, was the grandson of Liu Bang, the ancestor of Han Gao, and established his capital in Shouchun (present-day Shou County, Anhui). According to legend, Liu An was not engaged in government affairs, had great ambitions, was not satisfied with being a nominal king, always wanted to seek a more prominent practical position, and was also intoxicated with the art of immortality and anxious to seek a panacea. Therefore, he summoned the sorcerers to the foot of the Bagong Mountain, lit a roaring fire, and ingeniously asked them to use soybeans and salt brine to refine the pill, and the result was "refining" the snow-white and delicate tofu. It's not a panacea, but it's delicious and flavorful. This thing spread rapidly and became popular in the world, as evidenced by a poem: "Planting beans and bean seedlings is rare, and exhaustion has been hard." Early knowledge of Huainan Shu, An Sheng obtained Quanbu. ”



  Third, characteristics and attention
  Features: The biggest feature of tofu brain is the tenderness and softness of tofu, so it is called the brain in tofu, so it is necessary to master the skill of brine. It requires the slurry to be boiled over a slight heat, can not overflow the pot (you can put in a special defoamer for soy products to eliminate foam, edible oil can also be), so that the tofu brain is not mushy, not bitter, not astringent, use a sharp heat when marinating, as soon as the pot is opened. The cooking of the marinade should be made with fresh lamb slices and a good mouth grinding soup, the heat should be mastered well, and the stewed meat technique cannot be used to keep the marinade fresh. Due to the raw materials, the original taste of tofu brain is tasteless.
  Tofu brains are mostly sold in the morning, while old tofu is sold in the afternoon. Tofu brain marinade, old tofu with soy sauce and other vegetarian dishes. ) is endemic in most parts of China. The flavor varies from place to place, and tofu brain is a high-nutrient food made from soy protein. It is mainly divided into two ways to eat, sweet and salty. In general, sweets are mainly distributed in southern China (Jiangnan is salty), Hong Kong and Taiwan, while salty foods are northern China. To make bean flowers, soybeans must be soaked first, depending on the variety or personal preference for about 4 to 8 hours, and then the soybeans are beaten, filtered, boiled, and cooled to 90°C. The final step is called "flushing bean flower", which means that the coagulant soy milk needs to be infused and then left to stand for 5 to 15 minutes. The trick of bean flower deliciousness is due to the temperature control of the fusion of soy milk and coagulant, as well as the speed and skill of making bean flowers.
  Pay attention: when selling tofu brains, tofu brains are also exquisite, use a flat spoon in the bowl, the tofu brain in the middle of the bowl should bulge like a small steamed bun, and then pour the brine, the brine flows from the tofu brain to the surrounding of the bowl, after pouring the marinade, add garlic paste and chili oil. Green onion, coriander, processed seasoning. The taste of the bean brain made by each chef is different and has its own characteristics, which is highly sought after by people in various regions. Usually in the morning, people can't help but eat a bowl of hot, smooth and tender tofu brain.



  4. Make tofu brains
  Family-type production method: 1, soy milk: it is recommended that you buy a soy milk machine, dry soybeans soaked for 3-4 hours (summer), winter soaked for 7-8 hours, beans soaked into the soy milk machine, according to the machine instructions to operate, soon can be made into hot soy milk. 2, pulp: the appropriate amount of gypsum or lactone with a small amount of water to adjust (coagulant can be bought ready-made, the packaging will be a useful amount description, the general gypsum powder dosage is three to five thousandths of the amount of soy milk, lactone dosage is one thousandth to two) into the container containing tofu brain, the cooked soy milk while it is hot (lactone tofu brain needs about 85 degrees Celsius, gypsum tofu brain to reach about 95 degrees Celsius) flushed, if you feel that soy milk and coagulant are not fully mixed, immediately after flushing, stir with a spoon a few times (pay attention not to stir too much too fast, Generally does not need to be stirred). 3. Pierce brain: After the pulp is ready, cover the container and let it stand for 5-10 minutes to become a tender and delicious tofu brain. 4. Seasoning: lactone tofu brain will have a slightly sour taste, and tofu brain made of gypsum is a little bitter. It can be seasoned according to your own habits. If you like sweet, you can also add sugar when making pulping.



  Fifth, the salty way to eat
  When eating tofu brain, you can scoop a small handful of swollen potato flour into a bamboo colander, put it in boiling water and blanch it, put it in a bowl with more than ten kinds of seasonings such as monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, white soy sauce, red soy sauce, red oil chili, minced peppercorns, minced ginger, minced sprouts, diced vegetables, sesame oil, etc., and then put the boiled tofu brain in a bowl. Only green onions, celery leaves, crispy soybeans, fried flower kernels, and dumplings are vegetarian tofu brains; Add a pinch of silver-like shredded chicken breast meat is shredded chicken tofu brain; If you add a spoonful of beef broth made with marinated oil, chili pepper, peppercorns, pepper, ginger, cumin, Pixian bean watercress, star anise, sannai, fennel, rock sugar, and refined salt, it is beef tofu brain.
  In addition, due to the different eating habits of the north and south of China, there are also slight differences in the choice of seasonings, and the flavor has its own merits.
  Tips 1. It is best not to use chives as ingredients. 2. The elderly and patients with iron deficiency anemia should especially eat less, and children should not eat more. 3. The north likes to eat salty and umami tofu brain, and the south prefers sweet tofu brain. 4. The tenderness of tofu brain depends on the added brine and heat, and the key to taste is the brine.



  5. Nutritional value
  Tofu brain is rich in nutrition, containing iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other essential trace elements, but also contains sugar, vegetable oil and rich high-quality protein, known as "plant meat". The digestion and absorption rate of tofu is more than 95%. Two small pieces of tofu can meet a person's daily calcium needs. Tofu is a health food for tonifying heat and clearing heat, and it can be eaten regularly, which can replenish qi, clear heat and moisturize, quench thirst, and clean the stomach. It is more suitable for people with hot constitution, bad breath and thirst, gastrointestinal disorders, and post-fever recuperation. Modern medicine has confirmed that in addition to increasing nutrition, helping digestion and increasing appetite, tofu is also beneficial to the growth and development of teeth and bones, and can increase the content of iron in the blood in the hematopoietic function; Tofu does not contain cholesterol and is a medicinal meal for patients with high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, and coronary heart disease. It is also a good dietary therapy for children, the sick and the elderly to supplement nutrition. Tofu is rich in phytoestrogens, which have a good effect on the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. It also has the function of inhibiting breast cancer, prostate cancer and blood cancer, and the sterols and stigmasterols in tofu are all active ingredients in cancer suppression.
  Nutrition facts
  Tofu brain is nutritious, delicious and delicious, and the absorption rate of the human body can reach 92%~98%.
  The list of nutrients in tofu brain [aged tofu] is as follows (per 100 grams):
  Tofu brain is rich in protein, which is one of the indispensable nutrients for human beings.

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